We listened to the educational needs across healthcare in Australia and have created EMPOWERED, which places a multidisciplinary approach to medical education at its core.


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of communication and collaboration between healthcare disciplines, as well as the need for effective digital education delivery models. Multidisciplinary approaches to healthcare support improved patient care and outcomes, effective coordination of care, streamlined treatment pathways, and efficient use of resources.

EMPOWERED provides access to best-practice online medical education for all appropriate members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team. This ensures team members receive consistent educational information that can be applied directly to clinical practice. This may help facilitate effective interactions between professionals from across different healthcare disciplines, which in turn has the power to provide a positive care experience for their patients.



EMPOWERED modules are developed in partnership with expert Steering Committee members representing the target audience disciplines so we can provide accurate, relevant and evidence-based content that addresses unmet educational needs. Relevant multidisciplinary target audiences are listed in the description panel for each module.


Explore the multidisciplinary modules available within EMPOWERED