Partnership opportunities to address unmet educational needs of professionals working in healthcare

EMPOWERED provides free access for all professionals working in healthcare to a customised learning experience and best-practice, independent, online medical education. EMPOWERED achieves this by forming partnerships with not-for-profit and commercial organisations who want to support quality medical education for their members, stakeholders and/or customers who are professionals working in the healthcare pathway.

When we say professionals working in healthcare, we mean all AHPRA- and non-AHPRA-registered health practitioners and allied health professionals, and other professionals working directly within the health care pathway. EMPOWERED provides partners with the means to ensure education reaches their target audiences – from specialist physicians and surgeons to GPs, nurses and midwives, advanced trainees or registrars, allied health professionals, medical scientists and other professionals working in the healthcare pathway.

Empower your stakeholders with an engaging learning experience designed to meet unmet educational needs
  • EMPOWERED content is modular to allow participants to engage in their own time, and with a range of learning features that appeal to participants’ different learning preferences and styles – in line with best practice in adult learning.
  • Content is developed with the guidance of independent expert Steering Committees, based on audience needs analysis. This collaborative approach ensures the quality and relevance of content to clinical practice, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.
  • Modules are tagged into EMPOWERED content channels, which participants can follow to create customised collections of modules relevant to their unique learning needs and interests.
  • Upon module completion, participants can download certificates to add to their CPD record.
  • Participant evaluation results are monitored closely by EMPOWERED so we can analyse and share information about the user experience with our partners, as well as act on feedback

A unique opportunity to broaden access to EMPOWERED education for all professionals working in healthcare
  • EMPOWERED goes beyond conventional thinking about online medical education to provide free access to high-quality medical education to all professionals working in healthcare, no matter their role within the patient care spectrum.
  • We bring together the right multidisciplinary team of medical education specialists, independent expert Steering Committees, not-for-profit organisations and/or industry partners to develop accurate and evidence-based content that addresses unmet educational needs, delivered with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • In fact, EMPOWERED actively looks for ways to adapt content and reach relevant cross-disciplinary target audiences within the patient care pathway.
  • Partners can maximise the use of their budget by joining an existing engaging platform, designed for all professionals working in healthcare, while also keeping healthcare compliance top of mind.

The EMPOWERED collaborative approach enables connections between industry partners, not-for-profit organisations and professionals working in healthcare
  • We know that you want to deliver high-quality education to your stakeholders who are professionals working in healthcare.
  • We approach EMPOWERED content development by collaborating with our partners and expert Steering Committees to ensure we start with a clear understanding of needs and preferences.
  • We work within a framework of transparency where involvement of not-for-profit organisations and/or industry partners is clearly set out and documented to ensure the credibility of the content in EMPOWERED and the integrity of the partners involved.
  • We don’t create learning for learning sake and we’re not afraid to ask “how did we do?” and “did we deliver?”. That’s why we look beyond completion metrics with an in-depth evaluation process designed to measure change of opinion, attitude and behaviour.

EMPOWERED online medical education is an initiative from The Med Collective

Paula Woodward, of The Med Collective, was inspired to create EMPOWERED after working for many years in healthcare communications in Australia. Paula’s idea has been brought to life through collaboration between The Med Collective and their strategy partner (Blueberry Healthcare Communications). EMPOWERED is designed with the vision of delivering high-quality medical education to everyone involved in delivery of healthcare, in order to improve outcomes for patients in their care.

The team’s experience in developing and delivering online learning platforms and content means they have seen the good and the bad of online education. What works, and what doesn’t, from clunky eLearning platforms that fail to meet individuals’ needs or online education that’s hidden/lost behind company doors.

EMPOWERED brings together the latest thinking in user experience, digital design, content strategy and adult learning, employing its unique collaborative approach to solve many of the problems seen in the online medical education space.


Do you represent a not-for-profit organisation or peak body looking for a new and exciting way to meet the educational needs or your members/healthcare community? Or are you from a commercial organisation working in healthcare and want to explore how you can support best-practice medical education for your customers? We welcome you to contact us to find out more about becoming an EMPOWERED partner.

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