Question 1

What is mainstream genetic testing?

Mainstreaming is genetic testing in patients with cancer performed through the oncology team as part of their existing oncology appointments, with support as required from a genetics service

Question 2

True or False? Mainstream genetic testing can be offered by anyone in the oncology team who is trained to do so.

Question 3

Complete this sentence: Mainstream genetic testing is offered by the oncology team because...(select all that apply):

Question 4

Why is genetic testing highly relevant in breast and ovarian cancer?

Particular subtypes of breast and ovarian cancers have an increased incidence of pathogenic variants, such as in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, making genetic testing highly relevant for these patients

Question 5

True or False? An in-depth knowledge of genetics is needed before an oncology team member can implement mainstream genetic testing in their unit.

Question 6

All patients with the following gene variants should be referred to the FCC/genetics service for further support and/or follow up: (select all that apply)

Question 7

True or False? Medicare funding is available for oncology physicians to order genetic testing for eligible patients with breast and ovarian cancer.