Enabling Professionals

Working in Healthcare with

Education and Resources

EMPOWERED is an innovative, cost-effective, online independent medical education (IME) platform that leverages novel collaborative processes to deliver high-quality education for professionals working in healthcare, including specialist clinicians and nurses, primary healthcare professionals and allied health professionals.

EMPOWERED targets relevant content to the right target audiences to offer a personalised learning experience for professionals working in healthcare.
  • Modules are organised into Therapy area channels.
  • NFP organisation channels and modules are also supported.
  • EMPOWERED members select which channels to follow, based on their therapy area interests and professional memberships.
  • Once logged in, members access a personalised list of educational modules relevant to their needs, interests and preferences.

EMPOWERED brings together a multidisciplinary community of professionals working in healthcare.
  • EMPOWERED prides itself on its ability to reach and recruit the right target audiences, with processes in place to maximise the reach of our modules.
  • We partner with NFPs and peak bodies to:
    • Pre-register their members for access to EMPOWERED
    • Review and endorse content for members and other stakeholders
    • Provide a cost-effective platform and process for them to develop and host their own content.
  • EMPOWERED establishes relationships with organisations that represent different members of Multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs), and adapt content to ensure MDT members receive consistent education targeted to their specific needs.

EMPOWERED modules work to drive better patient outcomes by targeting unmet education needs for specific audiences across multidisciplinary teams.
  • Module development is guided by independent expert steering committees in partnership with:
    • Health-related NFP organisations or peak bodies, and/or
    • Industry partners wishing to support independent medical education.
  • EMPOWERED is managed by a full-support medical education group, The Med Collective, who provide behind-the-scenes independent medical education support to develop, implement, launch and promote EMPOWERED modules.

The EMPOWERED platform offers an optimisable approach to module development
  • Multiple module features and formats are available – because when it comes to education, one size does NOT fit all.
  • All module formats support video, audio and interactive components as standard.
  • We have the hands-on experience to develop and implement blended learning approaches that combine online, face-to-face and/or self-directed learning/clinical reflection components.